Updated directions for coming by car

The GPS coordinates don’t seem to be working as the should here in the countryside so below are traditional style directions to Cal Viso. Everyone should come here first.

1) take exit 73 (at Navas) from C16/E-9 that you’ll be driving north if you come from Barcelona
2) continue straight on two roundabouts and one stop sign (through the small village of Navas)
3) take a left to Galera 1km after crossing the street with the stop sign
4) take a left to Sta. Maria / Merles / La Bruguera after 1.5km
5) stay on road for some more km’s until you see a small sign for Cal Viso on your right with lots of cars parked in front. You can’t miss it. The house is right there.

A map is below.

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Once you arrive you can directly check in at our FourSquare space.

Count down mode for Saturday!

Here is a handy document with all the info on the event: schedule, location, contacts, transportation, etc… You should print it for your reference!

For those of you who asked us for transportation from Barcelona, we’ve arranged a bus leaving from Pl. Catalunya – in front of Hard Rock Café. The bus will leave for Cal Visó at 12:00 (noon) so aim at being there no later than 11:45 (am).

The bus will take people back to Barcelona “after” the party, probably between 1-3am (depending on mood and bribes to the driver).

all the info here here!

Help – we need a video projector!


Hi y’all dear friends/guests.

Yep, only 2 weeks to the big event!
And we need your help!!!

As you know we’re sort of doing-it-ourselves with the wedding arrangements and we haven’t yet managed to find a video projector (much needed for the ceremony and party)

Does anyone have one or knows someone that does and wouldn’t mind lending it to us for a day?

Staying with us…

So as those of you who are staying at the wedding location know we’ll have three houses at two locations – Cal Viso (where we and the singles are) and La Plana where we have two more houses with altogether 12 bedrooms for couples and the famous big “mixed singles” room. The two houses are 3km apart… which is either a sobering walk or comfy taxi ride away on the wedding night. Both options will be available.

If you arrive by car, here are the GPS coordinates and GoogleMap links for Cal Viso. Come here first.

Cal Viso:  N 41 56.056  E 1 55.123 (A on the map below)

For traveling between the two houses the map below might be useful (it should be 7 mins by car).

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Now your question is… which house am I in? If you arrive on Friday, you are in La Plana. Simple. But come FIRST to Cal Viso to see us and get instructions, keys and whatever info we might have at that time. If you arrive before Friday or are staying for just Saturday night, you are most likely in Cal Viso – but we might need to reshuffle depending on late confirmations.

Look in the contact us page to get our numbers if you have trouble finding either place.

Ceremony/Party Details

Details about the wedding day finally start to come out:

The Ceremony and Party will both take place at Cal Visó and will start at 13:30/1:30 pm. The event is open-ended: we’ll party ’till were able to stand!

Remember… The place is about 80 km away (1 hour by car) from Barcelona and there’s no easy public transportation to get there. If you don’t have a way to get there or have spare spots in your car let us know so that we can coordinate.

Dress code: casual chic (all interpretations and variations allowed)
We did the research for you. These were the Fall 2010 trends.

Please let us know ASAP if you’re coming or whether your plans have changed.

The Dude’s endorsement

That’s it! We actually got the only relevant endorsement we could possibly want/need: the Dude’s.

Check it out here.

Wedding registry

Many people have asked us about whether we have a wedding registry and/or what presents we would like to get.

Well, we don’t have a registry.

We trust you to come up with thoughtful, creative, unique, special, useful gifts.If you’re too busy, not feeling inspired or prefer to be cool business angels, we are happy to take venture funding as well. It will help our future entrepreneurial endeavors.

That said, the main point is: the most important thing for us is YOUR PRESENCE HERE. Many of you come from far away and sharing this day with us is already a huge gift!

The wedding location is Cal Viso

Its a beautiful big Catalan masia called Cal Viso. Its owned by a friend of ours and is within pristine nature about 1 hour from Barcelona by car, just halfway to Andorra.

Most importantly!!! The house has rooms to accommodate 25 people up to a week around the wedding weekend. We hope that many of you will stay there with us (we’ll stay there for the whole week).

It will cost you nothing and will surely be lots of fun. To make things easy for us, please fill in the ‘Yep… I’ll stay with you!‘ form if you’d like to stay there with us.

To give an idea of the location of the finca, a google map is shown below.
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The official invitations are out!

Please RSVP before 20th November by mail (ines@inessalpico.com or kimmo@soramaki.net) or on Facebook.

ok, ok, they’re coming

In response to many requests we are going to send proper official invitations to our event.

No snail mail though: all digital (gotta save the planet – and money – people!)

Watch out for your email and/or Fb inbox.